Welcome to my web site, where you will find information about my practice and both human and equine shiatsu.

While modern techniques and drugs have their place, I firmly believe we should not turn our backs on the wealth of knowledge and experience acquired by our ancestors and should combine the two in a complementary fashion.

My shiatsu practice includes working with both humans and equines. Having qualified as an equine practitioner I was so impressed by the results that I undertook further training to acquire the qualifications required to work with people.

Human training includes an in depth study of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with both human and equine diploma courses taking three years to complete. I had to combine my training with working, being a busy mum to five children and owning a high maintenance horse - which illustrates my dedication and passion for what I do.

My established practice provides shiatsu
to humans, equines and combination 'horse and rider' treatments. In addition to this, I also work with members of a mental health drop in day care centre.

Jane Clifford
BscPsy (Hons) tESA (P) Dip SES ESS Dip MRSS